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Be Aware Of These Things Before Buying The New Apple iPhone X

5 Reasons Why Not To Buy The New Apple iPhone X

As you guys might know that this year Apple has released 3 new phones, Apple iPhone 8 & 8+ then the Apple iPhone X. Basically the iPhone 8 & 8+ is priced at US$ 699.00 to US$ 949.00, whereas the Apple iPhone x is priced at US$ 999.00 to US$ 1149.00. The iPhone X 64GB is priced at US$ 999.00 as the storage is very less most of the people will pay US$ 1149.00 for the 256GB variant which is US$ 150.00 more than the 64GB variant which I think is just waste of money.

Basically, the new iPhone X has the new Apple A11 Bionic chip which is better compared to the rest of the phones in the market now, but rest of the features of the Apple iPhone X is way too far behind compared to its rivals and the phone is also overpriced. Before you buy the new Apple iPhone X think twice before spending you US$ 1500.00, By this money you can fund the education of 5-6 African child and give them a better future.

Though the Apple iPhone 8 & 8+ will be released soon, people are still waiting for the release of the Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

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Here are the Reasons Why Not To Buy the New Apple iPhone X

  1. The Apple iPhone 8 & 8+ is powered by the as the same chip as the new iPhone X which is the A11 Bionic Chip, a neural engine, M11 motion coprocessor the only difference is that how these phones use its features. The Apple iPhone X uses its neural engine and A11 bionic chip for it Face ID Feature.
  2. The iPhone 8 & 8+ supports the wireless charging for the first time in the iPhone series even the iPhone X also supports wireless charging.
  3. Both the iPhone 8+ and iPhone X has the same identical rear camera, both have the 12MP camera, But in the iPhone X its places in a different manner.
  4. Even the front-facing camera is also identified as the iPhone 8 & 8+, except some features.
  5. The Apple iPhone X doesn’t even have a touch ID.

Anyway, These are some my opinion about why not to buy the new iPhone X. And the rest is left to you choose wisely before buying the new Apple iPhone X.

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