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Unknown Facts About Dreams You Don’t Know

Some facts about dreams you should know.

Dreams an essential part of our life. Usually, people dream when they are asleep mostly in the night and some in the afternoon and there are some people who dream when they are not asleep, these are some exceptional case hope you got what I meant. First, let us go through about what is a dream and then go through some of the unknown facts about dreams.

A dream is a sequence of pictures, ideas, emotions, and sensations which is mainly based on the events which you have experienced on the same day or the events from the past and the contents of the dreams are not completely understood. And don’t forget to go through some of the interesting and unknown facts about dreams. So moving on, everyone has noticed this I guess, most of the things which you dream in your sleep are mostly forgotten and you cannot remember what you dreamed. The dream in which we can control the character, environment, etc to some extent is called a lucid dream. This is a type of dream in which a person who is dreaming is aware of what he is dreaming for some extent.

facts about dreams.

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So, now let us go through some of the Unknown Facts about dreams which you might not have heard of!

  1. An average person has 3 – 5 dreams a person can dream in 1 night and some may have up till 7.
  2. The study of dreams is called oneirology.
  3. An average human spends 6 whole years dreaming by just dreaming.
  4. There is not even a single person who doesn’t dream, except those who have psychological disorder, Dream is for everyone
  5. Every time you die in a dream or you are scared to death you tend to wake up, this is because our brain can’t imagine life after death.
  6. Not only humans even animals dream. The best example is a dog, you will often see them twitching their paws as if they are running.
  7. On an average, you can dream for about 1 – 2 hours every night and you can have 3 – 7 different dreams in 1 night.
  8. Our mind or brain is more active when we are dreaming than when we are awake. Even though our body is resting while we sleep, our brain is more active than when we’re awake. During dreams, our brain is learning, resolving problems, and also filing, arranging, and making common sense of all the information we absorbed in our waking hours.
  9. Usually, men have a habit of dreaming more about other men. Around 70% of the people in a man’s dream are other men. Whereas a woman’s dream contains almost an equal number of men and women. Men and women’s dreams are different.

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