Places To Visit In New York

Top 5 Best Places To Visit In New York

New York the city of dreams. This is one of the 13 colonies that formed the United States. This is one of the popular city in The United States and let’s see some of the best places to visit in New York. It is also one of the most densely populated and also a major city in the US. This city is also described as the financial, media and cultural capital of the whole world and it also has a significant impact on technology, commerce, entertainment, research, education, sports, and politics. This city is a fast-growing city.

1. Central Park

This is a play area of all the New Yorkers. This is a huge park with its greenery and leafy tracts in the center of the city is what makes New York something different from other cities like a proper city, not a concrete jungle. This is one of the main attraction for all the tourist who are visiting New York.

2. Statue Of Liberty

One of the 7th wonders in the world is also in New York City itself. It is located on the upper New York bay which is in the liberty island. This is a remarkable structure known for the lasting symbol of democracy and freedom. This is also a well know monument that just almost everyone in the world knows. This is not just a tourist attraction but a hope for the people who come to seek new opportunity in America.

3. Empire State Building

One of the splendid 102-story building also a skyscraper is situated in midtown Manhattan. Also a tourist attraction all around the year. This building was made in the mid-1930’s, it is also seen as the 8th wonder of the world. It had the record of tallest building in the world till 1972. 7 million hours of work went into the making of this beautiful building.

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4. Brooklyn Bridge
The marvelous structure that connects Brooklyn with Manhattan and gives a beautiful view at the same time. This bridge is an ancient and one of the longest suspension bridge in the US. This bridge is made up of cement, limestone, and granite and was completed in the year 1883.

5. Wall Street

It is situated in the financial district which is in lower Manhattan. This is the main attraction for all the financial enthusiasts and experts. One can take a tour of this 1.1 km long street with its iconic financial building in the world of business.

I have just mentioned a few of the places and there are other lots of places to explore and a lot of things to do in New York City.

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