Zubair Khan complaint

BIG BOSS 11, Starts With The Filing Of Zubair Khan Complaint Against Salman Khan

Salman got furious, Zubair Khan complaint registered

So the Big Boss season 11 was air last week, we all know that this show is known for the fights that happen inside the house. But this time when Zubair Khan, a new contestant entered the house with full rage abusing women Salman could not tolerate him. So Zubair Khan had an early exit from the house. Eventually, Zubair Khan complaint was filed.

Since the show began there has been a lot of twists and turns, fights, usage of abusive language and what not. Well, it’s Big Boss. But here when Zubair Khan started to take a whole next level, Sallu Bhai got angry. This action only ended up with the filing of Zubair Khan complaint at Lonavala police station, Mumbai.

The Complaint at Lonavala police station was given to the police by Zubair Khan against Actor Salman Khan. In the complaint, Zubair Khan stated to have been threatened by Salman Khan that he won’t let him survive in the industry.

Zubair Khan complaint

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Also that he won’t be able to work in the industry henceforth. After he leaves the house he won’t get to stay in the industry. The Zubair Khan complaint also stated that Salman said that he will beat Zubair. ‘I will make you my dog’ Zubair claims Salman to have said these lines to him in the complaint.

Zubair Khan who filed the Complaint is a person who claims to have good connections with the Dawood family. Zubair Khan had left the show on Sunday morning because he had some emergency health issues, he was called by the Big Boss to the confession room to confess and then he was sent out with the doctors.

After this Salman confirmed that Zubair Khan was recovering, then later at the end of the show it was announced that Zubair Khan was voted out for having lesser votes compared to the other contestants.

This led to a clash between Salman and Zubair and eventually, Zubair Khan complaint against Salman Khan was filed.

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